There’s Freedom in being myself! <3


I have always been a very logical and practical person, because well… I had to be. It’s human nature to survive and be self sufficient. Some people are thinkers while others are feelers, and I have been a thinker. Dreaming wasn’t something I had time for; I needed to figure out how I was going to support myself financially and ensure that I wouldn’t let people down if I didn’t become successful, because ultimately, I have so much potential, right? I have always taken pride in being a very organized and disciplined person and in always knowing where my next steps in life were- whether that be school or doing a year of service. As my year of service is coming to a close in June, I have found myself in a bit of a tizzy trying to figure out what my next steps are, after all, our society tells us that if we don’t have a plan then we are lazy, have no sense of direction, etc. I have applied to Azusa Pacific University’s Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate program (that is a mouth full, luckily you’re reading it!) because one of my passions is mental health… yet another passion of mine is to lead worship and to travel… while another is eating healthy and working out and just leading an all around healthy life style. So, I was faced with the decision of “which one do I choose?” Should I go to grad school and put worship on hold? Or should I try and find a full time worship position somewhere and hopefully I’d make enough money to support myself… but that’s not likely. Or maybe I could just teach Zumba classes and hopefully that would sustain me..


Leading worship with my best friends, Troi’elle Green, Ashley Smith and new friend, Abraham Arce!


But then, a light bulb came on and the Lord revealed to me that He is the God of impossibilities. Why does it have to be just one? Why can’t I do all of them? Why does it have to be one or the other? The Lord has given me a peace about pursuing my dreams and ensuring me that He has great plans for my future and that He has indeed placed those passions in my heart. I don’t see myself sitting in an office everyday from 9-5, I see myself traveling, speaking at seminars, leading worship and teaching at seminars on mental health. So, why limit myself (or limit God rather) to just one? If I can dream it, He can make it a reality if I allow Him to. I believe that this generation has amazing opportunities and has the potential to change the world! We are a generation that WILL go after our dreams, we are a creative generation that is continually coming up with new ways to bring in income and better yet new ways to exalt our Lord.

After realizing all of this, I felt a sense of peace knowing that I don’t have to conform to the world’s standards and choose one profession, that my life isn’t summed up based on what I “do”. I am free to be me and to go after what I am passionate about, and now I know that the dreams I have are only impossible if I don’t try.


My face after realizing that I serve an AMAZING God who is capable of all things!


One thought on “There’s Freedom in being myself! <3

  1. Hey my name is Shanea and I have been admitted into SJW in Los Angles. I must say I appreciate these words of encouragement. I had a similar experience with deciding what to do post graduation. I have been admitted into graduate school at WASH-U but have decided to defer my placement for a year and commit to a year of service. It was a very hard decision, but I am finally at peace and feel great that I am able to do EVERYTHING I want in life.

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